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The Unofficial Guide
Citrus Line Railroad
Cypress Gardens loves its trains. You will see it by the park's entrance at the elaborate model train display in the Trains, Planes and Automobiles shop. You will see the pint-sized Rio Grande train for kids in the kiddie section of the park. This is the big one. It's a C.P. Huntington beauty, towing 3 passenger coach cars, each one holding 7 narrow rows of riders (2 adults or 3 children can fit comfortably in each row).

While the train does run a full circuit there are two stations and on busy days with folks waiting at the other station the ride will be one-way only to allow for waiting guests to come aboard. The stations are in the Adventure Grove area (at the ride area's entrance -- right past the Okeechobee Rampage) and towards the back of the park's ride area at Paradise Pier (right next to Swamp Thing). They are named Flagler and Pope after Florida pioneer Henry Flagler and park founders Dick and Julie Pope.

A narrated history of Cypress Gardens will run as the train circles around the ride area (at least on a pair of rides in December of 2004 this feature was still not active).

Height Requirement -- 42 inches unless accompanies by an adult

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