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The Unofficial Guide
Okeechobee Rampage
This is the first ride you will see if you enter Adventure Cover from the park's entrance. It's one of the four roller coasters in Cypress Gardens Adventure Park and this is a steel junior coaster. Named after the huge Lake Okeechobee that rest in the middle of Florida -- just South of Winter Haven -- this ride is similar to the junior skater kiddie coasters you will find at Universal Studios Florida (Woody Woodpecker's Nuthouse Coaster) or Goofy's Barnstormer at Disney's Magic Kingdom.

20 riders at a time, sitting in 10 rows of two and secured by a lap bar, take on the twisted steel. A chainlift will take the coaster up nearly 43 feet before beginning its swift ride over nearly 1100 feet of track, maxing out at a modest 28.5 miles per hour. While the ride's position in front of the park often has it housing the longest lines early in the day they do move pretty quickly given the short nature of the ride.

Height Requirement -- 42 inches or 36 inches if accompanied by an adult

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