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The Unofficial Guide
Storm Surge
One of the park's most popular -- and original -- rides is this surprisingly dry white water raft ride. As many as 6 children -- or 5 adults -- hop on one of the dozen circular inflatable rafts. They then ascend slowly on a conveyor belt to the top of the 60-foot hill before winding freely down a twisted water-slippery slide.

You will do your fair share of spinning as you spiral about the tracks curves before a small sloped plunge finds you floating back to the conveyor belt station. Will this always be a dry ride? Probably not. During the November sneak preview it certainly was. A month later they added a bit of a sprinkle with a spritzer dripping on riders after the final plunge. One park employee noted that water canons were also being installed so don't assume that you won't get soaked on this until you see some folks coming off the ride first.

Height Requirement -- 42 inches to ride alone, riders 36-42 inches tall can ride with an adult

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