The original UNOFFICIAL guide to
Cypress Gardens Adventure Park
Florida's most beautiful theme park

The Unofficial Guide
The tallest and fastest thrill ride in the park rests alongside the picture-perfect Paradise Pier. This freefall ride seats 12 passengers at a time with shoulder harness restraints as they ascend gradually up a square tower. Once at the top of the 120-foot structure the ride stops before sending its passengers barreling down at 47 miles per hour.

Unlike other air-fueled freefall rides this one doesn't let you dangle up there for too long as you come down fairly quickly. While obviously not as elaborately themed as Disney's Tower of Terror ride out at Disney Studios it does recreate the same freefalling sensation.

Where do you sit for the best view? That all depends on whether you want to look back at the rest of the park rides, out to Lake Eloise (a great choice when the water-skiing show is taking place) or off to the side of the Admiral Inn hotel which isn't too shabby a view when you look beyond the area strip mall to see Winter Haven and the legendary Bok Towers off in the distance.

Height Requirement -- 42 inches

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